Contact! Finally I get a reply

Really glad to be able to share with you that my daughter contacted me today. She is now home from hospital after heart surgery and is doing well. I have taken the blame for our recent ‘misunderstanding; so that we can hopefully move forward and try rebuild our relationship. I know we are both stubborn […]

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A fathers failings …

Having Marfan Syndrome the decision to have a child was hard enough, the risk of passing on this nasty genetic condition a real risk 50/50 in fact. Yet, despite my saying repeatedly I never wanted kids I did the right thing and took responsibility for that child when she came along. I tried to be […]

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The prostate.

Whoever is responsible for our creation whether God, genetic engineering aliens or pure chance, they had a sick sense of humour. I can just imagine them (in the case of the first two)  rolling around in fits of hysterics. Picture the scene, two of them, or God and one angel … “Can you imagine the […]

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