Dating and disability.

This post contains adult subject matter and is therefore not suitable for those under 18. Please don’t read on if you are under 18. NOTE however there are no pictures in it just text. Having #Marfan Syndrome, a hereditary genetic condition I have many issues to deal with. The immediately obvious ones are a) my […]

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The prostate.

Whoever is responsible for our creation whether God, genetic engineering aliens or pure chance, they had a sick sense of humour. I can just imagine them (in the case of the first two)  rolling around in fits of hysterics. Picture the scene, two of them, or God and one angel … “Can you imagine the […]

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GP improvement in attitude

Finally I am pleased to share that my GP has FINALLY realised just how sick I actually am. It’s a shame it took him 7 years to actually read my medical records. He ought to have done so when I joined the practice but hey we got there in the end. He is now actually […]

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The GP surgery gets WORSE

If you have read my other posts you may have seen how I recently complained following a consultation with one of the two GPs in our practice. Well, with that complaint underway you would hope that they would go out of their way to make things run more smoothly for me to restore my faith […]

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Benefits and life update

Well, Its now March 2018 and I am still here. It’s not because I have sorted my money out cos I havent, I am still awaiting my appeal as they have refused me my mobility help again even though they accept I need help at home and am not fit to work, the fact my […]

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