Real life in my benefits hell.

I was born with Marfan Syndrome, a degenerative hereditary condition. It caused me to suffer merciless bullying at school and haunted my dreams from my mid-teens, with me convinced I would not see my 47th birthday, I wish I hadn’t.

At the age of 29 in 1996 my back went as I put on my suit jacket to leave for work. In the 6 months that followed, because of the back pain I walked differently, resulting in arthritic pain in my hips and knees. It snowballed from there. I was awarded DLA after winning on appeal, then had to fight two further appeals when the benefits people came for me again. This was until November 1st 2016 when they got to my name on the list of DLA terminations under the guise of switching to Personal Independence Payment. I applied for it as was required. They declined my claim. I asked them to look at it again as they clearly hadn’t taken any notice of what I put upon my form, still they declined me. I could have appealed but my life was a mess. I was awaiting (at that time) two cataract surgeries under general anaesthetic and was in the darkest place imaginable so could not face it.

I just submitted a fresh claim. My circumstances are slightly improved since my first eye op was done although my mindset hasnt. When the DWP took my benefit after 21 years in receipt they torpedoed my finances. Much longer now and my card will be full and I will sink without trace into a sea of financial pain. It breaks my heart to think that the government chose their timing precisely when I was at my most vulnerable as they have with thousands of other victims of their hypocrisy. The hope being that I, like them, would be pushed to suicide. Each of which was saving government £15k every year when you add DLA, ESA, HB and CTB together. 10 thousand dead = £150m a year. This is all the disabled and the sick are to central government, we are a negative number on the state balance sheet which must be taken care of. WE are what austerity has been about. The Tory mantra, in the words of Charles Dickens character Scrooge, “If they are going to die sir then let them do it and decrease the surplus population.”

Will this claim succeed? I’ll let you know. I promise you this though. I will be fighting this right to conclusion. Nothing they can do to stop me, short of actually killing me off themselves and making it look like suicide, but they wouldn’t do that …. or would they?


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