The profound impact of sight loss

I am fortunate that my sight loss is correctable. I had severe cataracts in both eyes, or rather had, one has now been operated upon and my distance vision in it has been restored. In my 18 months of blurred life I came VERY  close to ending it all. I have NEVER felt that low, not ever. It put my other problems into better perspective and has given me massive respect for those who cope with sudden total sight loss. It will kill me I know it would, but these heroes survive it and this is an indicator of their strength, or perhaps my weakness. I can cope with most things in life including grief and death, but not being able to see crippled me. Now I have that sight at least partially restored I find myself with a new lease of life. Sure my health is still shot but now at least I can go back to admiring the beauty of the world about me. Never has my distance vision been as good as it is now.

This brings me to a question. If the technology exists to do this operation why are people being allowed to live through life with appauling eyesight forced to pay through the nose for spectacles? Why cant they all have this done, when young, once they have stopped growing. The answer concerns me, that the sole purpose is to force people to buy spectacles rather than letting them be free from them. I have seen this suggestion made in relation to other fields of medicine, where companies are accused of not healing people but rather that they are prolonging illness/conditions for the sole purpose of ongoing corporate profits. If they cure people then they stop needing the medications or aids these companies live to provide. This is a disgrace which needs to be ended.

Its time that peoples health was put before corporate profit, and if private companies wont do the right thing then perhaps its time to bring all science work under state control. Allow us to develop the treatments to end diseases rather than prolong them. This I think would be a very good use of tax payers money rather than endless medications designed to ease symptoms rather than cure the conditions entirely. Those in research should be ashamed of themselves. I know I would be if I were among them. How can they withhold those treatments purely on financial basis? I dont get it, but perhaps that is because I am a man who thinks global corporations are far too powerful. Maybe my desire for things to be done for the good of ALL people prevents my comprehending.


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