Stopping converts to Islam from being radicalised

I think this is a simple thing that all media and social media companies should become engaged in. The one quote from The Holy Qur’an is clearly not being taught to those converts, allowing them to be radicalised and turned into weapons. That verse is found in Sura 45: verse 14.

“Tell those who believe, to forgive those who dont hope for the days of Allah. It is for Him to recompense (for good or ill) each people according to what they have earned.”

It wholeheartedly contradicts the lies being perpetuated by those so-called Muslims who wage war upon innocents. It is crystal clear. It does not say kill the infidels, the Kuffar, the opposite in fact. It says to FORGIVE them not murder them. Any Muslim convert hearing this who then goes on to kill is going against the Holy Qur’an and will pay the full price when the last day comes. They cannot claim then to be good Muslims. That is something that they most certainly are not. A good Muslim reads his own Qur’an, rather thatn trust another to tell them its contents honestly.

This is why I say the media should repeat this verse. It would quickly drain the pond of Muslim converts to be misled as they would know the true will of Allah and would also perhaps better educate the rest of global society as to the true message of Allah rather than that perpetuated by those with earthly agenda. I have no agenda personally save to perhaps bring more peace and understanding to our world. Like all writings the Qur’an repeatedly says that people need the ears to hear, the eyes to see and the wisdom to understand. Many converts lack the latter and because they trust others to teach them they are very easily manipulated. I bought and read my Qur’an to better understand Islam and to see if the vile things being quoted by haters of Islam where indeed from the Qur’an itself nad the answer to that was a clear and resounding no, they are not in the Qur’an. Nowhere in it does it promise the killers of infidels that they will get rewarded with many virgins for their actions, just one example. Its time the media set the resord straight. This is how we defeat the so-called Islamic State and other groups like them, education, education, education. Instead of letting them lie to them share with them the truth instead. I can only assume that the failure to reference this verse is a deliberate act on hte medias part. Perhaps it’s their desire for headlines that results in them always faning the flames rather than dousing the fire. Money. The beginning of most of this worlds evil and their desire for more of it. Please share this post widely when you have found it. If it touches the lives of just a few potential radicals and turns them from that path then I have served my purpose. And I do believe that this is why I was drawn to The Qur’an and Islam, because I would understand it and had the will to share that message with others, which I have done on many platforms in social media to date, and will share with many more in the future. I may ev en have blogged on it before but now I havew my sight back I had to do it again, especially in light of the Westminster attack. Another attrocity committed by a convert. Education is key to ending this cycle. Help me spread that education.

Alsalaam aleykum (Peace be with you).

PS. I am a white British convert. Not a very good Muslim, but trying my hardest. I’m doing what I know to be right though in sharing this with you. If you doubt my quote please head to Amazon, look out a copy of The Holy Qur’an, translated into English in 1934 Lahore by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. This version has both Arabic and English side by side and is widely accepted by many Muslims as a good version to own. Please feel free to read it for yourself. All I ask is that you do so with an open mind. But please, be sure to finish reading it all the way through before forming a final decision.


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