Back to my blog! Lost my way.

I should first like to apologise to those of you who had been reading my ramblings, I disappeared as my world begin to fall apart around me, then I lost my passwords and some serious poodoo hit the fan. Both my eyes developed severe cataracts and as I write this post I do so from my VERY blurry world. Anything further than 6 inches from my eyes is fuzzy as hell. At 5 feet I cannot describe a person other than gender and hair colour. It really knocked me for six. I start teh process towards my surgeries on 31st October with my pre-op assessment, hopefully my first operation will follow soon after so I can get my life back in some dort of order.

It is only when you lose your vision that you realise just how vital it is. I have now got a whole new level of respect for those who go totally blind as living in this blur is bad enough and I have found it very hard to cope with, even to the point where suicide looked like a really good option. I am hoping that I am past that now with me being on extra anti-depressants. I used to keep myself moderately sane by gaming, or drawing or taking photo’s,  but when my vision went I couldnt do any of these things and I just crumbled. I cant even watch TV or DVDs without being within 12 inches of the screen!  I pray that you dear readers dont ever face the same yourselves. More blogs will follow in the days ahead.


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