CBI say that growth forecast is lower – BULL.

The #CBI has lowered its #economic projection for the next 2 years down to 2% from 2.1% this year and 2.5% to 2% next year. What this means is .. NOTHING. The #forecast numbers are a GUESS. Anyone can say things will be a certain way, it does NOT make it true. It’s a forecast, nothing more. I could say that I will win the #nationallottery on Wednesday but it doesn’t make it true. The medium to long-term forecast is for our growth to be UP if we leave. DO NOT BE AFRAID/ #VoteLeave and grab the future with both hands. Our nation has always thrived, and it will do so again once we are free from the #EU.

Consider this, our prices are being kept artificially high by EU trade rules, the only people winning from this are the big corporations and it is they who are afraid. They are afraid that if we are free we will return to free market economics and not the controlled economics that we have suffered these past years. My forecast is that our growth will INCREASE as our prices fall, its simple economics. Once we have left the #cartel that is the EU we will THRIVE. Yes there may be a slight downturn, perhaps as the CBI says initially but that will be the wealthy elite panicking and it will only be in the VERY SHORT TERM. We do NOT need to be afraid of that. Of course they will panic, just as they will panic when we close all the loopholes in UK tax law and make them pay their taxes. The rest of us WILL be better off and we should be celebrating that fact. This is a CERTAINTY. Especially when you consider the massive party that will ensue following the #Brexit vote. P A R T Y!!!

When GREAT BRITAIN is free of its shackles again it is the EU that will suffer our loss not us. I cannot wait. I cannot say this often enough – #VoteLeave #VoteLeave #VoteLeave!!!


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