A thought on vaccines and insurance too

Since the #BBCBreakfast program has mention both human and pet vaccines this morning I am inspired to share my thoughts, for what they’re worth. As I see it vaccines are there in the main to take money from the NHS and to put that money into the pockets of drug company shareholders.

Sure there are benefits for a few and I don’t want to belittle this BUT, consider the flu jabs given to millions last autumn, it targeted the WRONG FLU VIRUSES. Now that means that people STILL got flu and some may have died yet the British tax=payer spent a fortune on the WRONG vaccine. If the drugs are not the right ones then why are we paying £millions to the drug firms when they get it so very wrong? I say that they should be made to give that money back to the Treasury for providing the wrong protections. We, the people, are trusting them to get it right and as a result are putting ourselves in harm’s way, perhaps by visiting friends despite them having flu when we have not got the protection that we thought we had. Especially when the announcements that they targeted the wrong viruses only comes out AFTER the flu season has passed.

We are also told that pet owners are not keeping up on their vaccinations for their pets. Perhaps if vets and drug companies charged people  considerably less for those drugs in the first place they would get done.  I know that some will say that we owe it to our pets to get them done but ask yourself just how fair it is that prices are so high. The companies involved are keeping prices artificially high because they know that people love their pets and so will pay it. The people who have pets these days often have insurance for them and it is that insurance that is at fault in part too because people think “If my pet does get sick, which is very unlikely my insurance will pay for the treatment I need for them.” I am not saying that they are right in thinking this way but when you look at our society and the effects of insurance on market prices I can understand it.

Look at funeral plans, vet bills, car insurance, medical insurance, in all these examples we are seeing prices rise dramatically. Prices are not going up because they need to. They are going up precisely because the money is there for them to take from insurance companies and we are ALL paying higher premiums on that insurance as a direct result of this as well as higher prices and higher excesses. We need to look at each of these areas and to regulate against them taking advantage of customers through inflated pricing policies which are hurting the consumer in every case. We MUST end the culture of greed and profiteering before things get any further out of hand. Government is meant to protect us from such practices but they are not, they are in fact encouraging those practices instead. Get us out of the EU (yes I do blame them for it) and those higher prices can start to come down again as competition increases and the markets start to reflect this, free from EU control. The latter assuming you all #VoteLeave and set us free.

The bottom line is that we are being robbed as a nation. It has to be stopped NOW!



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