The referendum draws closer

With the Bank of England boss and the IMF leader both taking time out of their ‘busy’ schedules to try to tell us what we should do has only fuelled my determination to #VoteLeave, especially the IMF. They FREQUENTLY present ‘facts’ and plans that turn out to be wildly inaccurate and I believe this is just another one. The economic fact is that it WILL be in our best interests to leave the EU but the IMF, EU and the ‘good old’ US of A want us to stay because if we leave all the work that has gone into creating the #TTIP US/EU trade deal and the Canadian #CETA treaty too, in relation to Britain at least will have been wasted. This however is precisely why we MUST leave and quickly.

Consider if you will, are the companies that import to us going to walk away from their customers here when we leave? Not a chance. Are companies that currently buy from us going to walk away? No way, they buy from us because the products we provide are what they want and what their customers want. In both scenarios other EU nations would be harming their own business interests and consumers by not trading with us. Their economies are too fragile for that. Our economy is one of the best, if not THE BEST in the EU, that’s why they say stay. We make the rest of them look good and they benefit immensely from our being in their club. It is NOT in our interests to stay. It never has been, nor will it ever be.

The more self-interested foreigners they roll out on TV to tell us what to think and how to vote the more determined the people become to #VoteLeave. Its our nation NOT theirs. The United Kingdom of Great Britain is and always will be strong. When free of the EU we can lead the world once again. Showing them the way through example. We were GREAT, we are GREAT and will continue to be GREAT BRITAIN in the future. The only thing damaging our nation now is the fear-mongering talk of a government that only a few months ago told us that we could leave if they didn’t get the deal we wanted. It wasnt going to be a disaster then and it wont be now. It WILL be the most positive step our nation has taken in over 40 years. I look forward to the dawning of our Independence Day!

As to the talk of it causing World War Three, are they telling us that if we leave that the EU will declare war on us? Or perhaps the US because we are avoiding the anti-democratic trade deal that is #TTIP? I for one will NOT be intimidated or frightened by all the scare-mongering. They seem to think that the #British people are incapable of intelligent thought. If that is their opinion then I look forward to proving them wrong in the future. I know that my countrymen and women, regardless of their country of origin are more than capable of seeing the truth for themselves. The #EU is NOT what we signed up to in the 70’s, it has changed for the worse and will continue to do so. We MUST get out now before it drags us down with it. They need us, and they doubted that we would actually leave. They thought that they could terrorise us into staying with their lies and horror stories. They think us mere sheep, happy to believe whatever we are told. They are wrong and it WILL cost them dearly when we give them the bird.

It cannot come soon enough for me.


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