Normanton’s local elections.

I dragged myself down to the polling station this morning to cast my vote. I feel this gives me the right to complain over politicians and their decisions. What I discovered when I got there was that I had TWO candidates to choose from, TWO! One was Labour, the usual holders of this area and the other the Conservatives, who I wouldn’t vote for if they were the only choice. I would have voted independent this time had there actually been one but that option was not available.

The typical turnout for local elections is about 30%, which I think is pretty poor to be honest. How can people expect to get the change they want in our political system if they don’t actually get off their asses and vote for that change? It’ll never happen any other way.

I had only had one leaflet this year too so did not have any idea who I would have the chance to vote for. How can you vote for someone you know nothing about? The one leaflet I had was from the Labour candidate but I confess I didn’t read it as I had no intention of voting for them if an independent or other such was available, I lost all faith in Labour and now see them as little better than the Tories. It saddens me that I feel this way as I was always a Labour supporter until Tony Blair took charge and turned the party of the people into another party for the well off. Ed Miliband did nothing to restore it and its clear that the new one Jeremy Corbyn will not be there long enough to change anything, the knives of his party and the media are out for him already. Clearly the ruling elite don’t like Labour having a leader that the people wanted. Heaven forbid. Imagine, people having someone in politics that they could trust. Anyway, I digress.

The Police and Crime Commissioner election was better for choice but still no independents were up for election. It was Labour, Tories, LibDems, English Democrats and UKIP to choose from. Having had no information on any of the candidates it was not an informed decision voting. It was more like pin the tail on the donkey (perhaps a very accurate term that). I did something I havent done before in this regard, I voted for UKIP as the main three have proved that they are incapable of managing the police properly over the last four decades and I have no idea who the English Democrats are so I voted UKIP. No doubt they will prove as unreliable as the others when in power. Time will tell no doubt if they ger in. If I were not too sick I would run for election myself so I knew I was being represented by someone I know I can trust, ME! Sadly I considered that option already in years past and know I cannot do it. My health being what it is I don’t know from one day to the next how I will be, if I can even leave the house, so I have to stick to internet politics and E-moaning, I’m becoming quite vocal in my middle-age.

If you are in the Normanton area and are interested in standing as an independent for either local elections or indeed national then please let me know and if I like what you have to say I will gladly help with your social media campaign as best as I can. I, and many other people are sick of the same old parties battling endlessly while actually doing nothing. Behaving in Parliament like nursery school children would be disciplined for, or an employee fired for, but they are paid £66k a year and they behave like thugs and bullies, never actually doing anything real to make our country better. We need Parliament filled with independents if we are to get REAL change. God I wish I could do it myself. I know you are out there, please, for all our sakes STAND!

I will share our result with you in the days ahead as I am able.


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