British Police priorities .. all wrong.

Before we go out tomorrow to vote in Yorkshire/the UK for ‘our’ police and crime commissioners I feel I must ask the question, what are the priorities of out Police forces presently?

What I see on TV is that they are spending the majority of their time and resources policing on behalf of corporate brands. Telling us that the copies we are buying cheaply are dangerous and that those importing these goods are criminals who must be stopped. I’m not so sure they are, or rather that they should be. In some cases of course such as toys for our kids they may have a point but other stuff, car badges for example, they are not dangerous to us at all. The only thing in danger from them in fact is corporate profit. That isn’t what the police are there for and they and their masters, our national government should remember that. It would be interesting to know just how much money is spent on policing on behalf of the brands, allowing them to keep prices high for originals by crippling the creation of cheaper alternatives. I thought the idea of free market economics was to allow the market to set the market price. It seems though that manufacturers don’t want to do that and the police are supporting their corporate aims and objectives.

I for one don’t pay my council tax to let the police spend their time chasing copycats. I pay them to protect me and my community from crime and unless that crime is speeding locally the police do NOTHING. The only time we see one is as they zoom past  the end of our street in a hurry to somewhere else.

Last time the P&CC election saw a turnout of about 10% round here, will it be better this time? Perhaps, perhaps not. Will they put community policing back where it should be? Will they make it the priority? Actually making police officers go out on the beat and make them actually investigate crimes rather that let them say, oh that’s too much like hard work lets not bother. It’s only a member of the public.


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