Britains Police forces: In the 80’s and now.

We have all seen in the media about the horrendous manipulation of evidence by the Police over the Hillsborough tragedy. I am absolutely certain that when the Orgreave truth comes to light that it will show that the Police not only did all they did after Hillsborough but that they were doing what central government told them to do, to crush the miners resistance at all costs. It’s clear that the leadership and indeed the officers involved deliberately set out to pervert the cause of justice and ALL those who did so, whether willingly or under duress should be prosecuted for their actions to send a very clear message to todays officers and command that they WILL be found out, that they WILL face justice, no matter how long its been since they did these thins. We NEED this, perhaps our current policing problems would be eased if this were the case.

Over the years I have had many issues with the police, as a victim of crime and have been left wondering why we bother having a force when all they do is belittle the victim and ignore your crime because it would involve too much effort to solve it. All the following examples are TRUE and factual. Read them.

1982 I was at Wapping supporting the Printers in their strike action. I was with my uncle and two of his friends, there were thousands of us present that day. We were gathered peacefully and no roads were obstructed. Then, at either end of the road lines of police horses formed and when they were ready they started to advance. We thought that they were just going to move us back so that trucks could get into/out of the plant we were outside. This thought quickly changed though when they broke into a charge, with batons drawn. They rode straight into the unarmed peaceful crowd. Panic ensued and the pickets scattered. There were many injured that day but the media didn’t report on it. This was my first experience of the police.


At 17 in 1984 I was walking home from a night out because I had spent my bus fare. On the way home I was asked for a light by two young men, I stopped and went to get my lighter from my inside pocket and it was at this point they pounced. One grabbed me from behind and held me with his arm tight around my neck. The 2nd one punched me repeatedly to my face and stomach shouting give us your money. When I told them I had 20p they took it and took my last three cigs too before running off into the night. I called the police and they took me back to the station to take my statement. During that interview one of the officers asked me “Are you sure you were mugged? Are you sure it’s not that you just like being around men in uniform?” I was gobsmacked and lost it, I made it quite plain that I wanted him gone, that I was disgusted by the implication and wanted to know why he would say such a thing. The officer was sent from the room and the other apologised, completed my statement and even got me a lift home. No action was taken against the offensive officer.

In 1995 I had moved to Halton Moor to be near where I worked, I knew nothing of the area’s reputation, it looked nice in daylight. After dark you realised that it was, on the part I lived at least, a den of thieves. Cars were driven into the gardens of unoccupied houses and people from several houses would come out and help strip it down. This happened often. I was told to mind my business if I did not want trouble. As I had a wife and a one year old daughter I had little choice but to do as I was told. One night however I saw the two sons of the nasty family kicking in the door of the house opposite. Its owner had fled earlier that day after she had all her windows smashed in by the mother from the same family because she’d called her daughter a slag. The sons appeared again with TV and video recorder in hand, it was about 2.45am. They saw me looking at them as they walked away. About 5 minutes later the father was putting my windows through with bricks to teach me to mind my own business. I dialled 999, Killingbeck station was only 5 minutes away at legal speeds by car, they’d be here in a minute I thought. How wrong was I. My wife and daughter were terrified, and I was not much better but had to try get this stopped as it was still happening 15 minutes later. I shouted to him to beg that he stopped. He made it quite plain what would happen to me and mine if I told the police anything. I swore I wouldn’t if he’d leave us alone. He punched through what was left of the living room window to emphasise his point. Still there were no police. He left. I called again to the police but still no-one came. I then phones my father and asked him to come get my daughter. He lived 10 miles away and arrived not long after. Still the police had not come. When finally it got light the police arrived, at 8.30am. Turns out they don’t go onto Halton Moor at night because it’s not safe. NO SHIT! They were not interested in my safety or the safety of my family just their own. They of course wanted me to testify against the family, but this was just one household worth of them. There were as I said many houses more and I didn’t dare, but why should I risk all by testifying when the police did nothing for us? We moved very quickly with the help of Leeds Council.

From 1996 to 2003, in the nice quiet PFAH! village of Micklefield, the place Leeds council had moved us to in a hurry we became victims of anti-social behaviour. I was silly enough to complain to a neighbour about their children cramming a traffic cone underneath my car. To this day I still do know what made them do this either by the way. I politely asked that they tell their children to leave my car alone, they said they would. They lied. Over the following seven years I had 4 different cars, each one damaged beyond repair by the children and their cousins and friends. My windows were the target of eggs and mud, my daughter was bullied at the local primary school and her life made a misery. Time after time I called the police but they did nothing as it would be my word against theirs. I paid out for floodlights and CCTV cameras but still it continued. The video wasnt good enough quality the police said. So still they did NOTHING. Finally, at 2330hrs one night a breeze block was thrown onto the car, it bounced on the bonnet, up the windscreen and onto the roof. I saw them running away and told the wife it was definitely them and she flew after them. My health had failed me in the preceding years and I couldn’t stop her. Thirty minutes later she was not back and I was afraid something had happened to her so I called the police. They came, armed and with helicopter support 30 minutes later. They went to the neighbours, just round the corner and found my wife inside. The police at the door with firearms scared the hell out of the kids and the parents. My wife was unharmed, she had been explaining just how ill and messed up I was  and how they had made our lives a living hell. The police reaction emphasised just how I felt I guess. Finally the kids, now almost fully grown were arrested and charged, they got … an ASBO. Fucking waste of time that was. We moved AGAIN. My faith in the police was now utterly in tatters, it had taken my wife disappearing into the night, possibly being harmed for the West Yorkshire force to do anything., It could have cost her life. They could have acted sooner and stopped it getting that far but they didn’t even speak to the family responsible until then.

My marriage is now over and I live alone in a bungalow, my health an absolute mess. In July 2013 I heard a young teen say to my 73(ish) year old neighbour (now deceased btw) and I quote “You weren’t saying that 2 minutes ago when you were shagging us was you”. He saw that I had heard that and the colour drained from his face. I went back inside and closed and locked the door. They talked for about 10 minutes more outside, presumably about how she couldn’t come round anymore cos I had heard. Now, child abuse you would think would be one of the things that the police would take seriously wouldn’t you. You’d be wrong. Just like the South Yorkshire force they did nothing, because I did not know the names of the two girls in question they refused to act. I told them it was the same girl who had been in a fight in the July out in the street. It had been a fight between her and a woman, the police attended that day so I thought they must have a record of it, but no. Because they had just told them both off unofficially they had NOT recorded the incident, despite it involving a child. As a result he got away with his sick twisted actions. Thankfully he has passed away now so can’t harm anyone else.

So, next time you see South Yorkshire force on the news think on all I have said here. The police are no better than South Yorkshire’s anywhere else, they just havent been dragged into the light like they have, they are all as bad. So, if you have a crime to report don’t count on it getting solved, they dont do that now. If it’s not a headline grabbing case it will be filed in the too-much-effort pile and there it will gather dust, never even being looked at. The crime figures we hear of on the news is just a fraction, they dont record incidents unless they absolutely have to. So, to force them to do so, whenever you report a crime DEMAND they give you a crime reference number so you know that it has been recorded. Perhaps they’ll take it more seriously.

Dont just assume that they will be there when you need them. As my examples above show they cannot be relied upon. They aLL need taking to task before things get worse.





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