The IGNORANT attack on Ken Livingston

RIDICULOUS. He is an Anti-Zionist NOT an Anti-Semite. Dont confuse the two.

The actions of the State of Israel, under Netanyahu, especially in 2014 was and still is abhorrent, and it is this that Ken opposes and objects to. Like me he is NOT an Anti-Semite.

Sadly the BBC and others have decided to be ignorant of the facts and to have ignored the clear distinction between the two. An Anti-Zionist is one who opposes the forced creation of an Israeli nation-state in Palestine. It has always been Palestine where Arab Muslims and Jews lived together. Israel was a people NOT a nation with borders. The Zionist imposition of a nation state where none existed has led to an endless assault on the Palestinian people. This is wrong. Israel has refused countless times to allow the Palestinians a right to their own defined nation state. Anyone intelligent enough to look into the whole issue for themselves will see just what horrors Netanyahu has got away with in the name of his Israel. The world has let him off with countless crimes against humanity. WHY? Because he uses the “I’m a Jew and you oppose me therefore you must be an Anti-Semite” argument. He is a fascist power monger nothing more.

We all know that an Anti-Semite hates Jews, all Jews. Livingston, and many on the left are Anti-Zionist NOT Anti-Semite. Like Ken I have fought against racism and religious bigotry all my life and will continue to do so but let us be absolutely clear, the actions of the Israeli government are NOT acceptable, those actions would not be acceptable from any nation, we condemn Assad for bombing the hell out of civilians and yet when we try to oppose Israel doing the same thing we are labelled Anti-Semite because Netanyahu is allegedly a Jew. He is a WAR CRIMINAL nothing more. Historians will look back in centuries to come and they WILL put both Hitler and Netanyahu in the same lesson plan, war criminals of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Anti-Zionist and Anti-Semite are NOT the same thing and if you cannot get this simple point then there is no hope for you. Stop this witch hunt NOW. Ken Livingston has done NOTHING wrong. Labour MUST reinstate him NOW!


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