Obama’s visit to the UK 21.04.2016

I hope I am not the only Britain feeling outraged about Obama daring to come to our nation to tell us what is best for us or our nation. As if he and his nation would tolerate Vladimir Putin telling them what to do.

As far as I am concerned he can get his backside back aboard Air Force 1 and go home NOW, before he dares to spout about how we should do what he says or risk our ‘special’ relationship with America. Let’s be clear on this everyone, we fought WW2 against us being a part of a federal Europe with Germany at the helm and I will be damned if I can accept out continued political subjugation any longer. We must make our feelings felt and our voices heard. Do not let anyone be swayed by Obama and the words he says while here.

Remember when he tells you about how good they have been as allies that we only got their aid in WW2 because we agreed to PAY them! We have just started to pay towards that debt. In the first years of WW2 the USofA traded with both sides. Had the financial incentive not been there they would have stayed out of the war and left us to rot but our leaders then offered them ridiculous sums to secure their help.  It is our money they are interested in keeping safe, not our people, we are just an inconvenient side issue.

For every word that comes from his mouth I hope that a thousand of you who are not yet decided choose to decide for ourselves on our nations future rather than have America tell us what we should do for OUR nations future. Since when did we formally become the 51st state? The hell with that! This is OUR nation, OURS! This is The United Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and we WILL NOT be told what to do as though we are naughty children.

Go home Obama, and don’t bother coming back. You are no longer welcome here for so long as you think that you can dictate to us on what is best for Britain. WE not you will decide the path for our nation … WE! Go home!! NOW!!!


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