The BBC’s recent assault on the Royal family

You may have seen in the last week or so the BBC’s coverage first about William and Kate’s visit to Bhutan and today their interview with William. I have seen it and I have to ask, why did the BBC say, every day that he was in Bhutan that it was not an important visit and call into question that we, the British taxpayers were paying for it all. I know that we are but teh news articles were definitely targeting William and trying to encourage anti-royalist sentiments. The commercial channels however, such as ITV and Channels 4 and 5 reported on their visit but with the level of respect that the BBC should have been showing. I was utterly disgusted by their clear attempts to undermine our future King. I know that as a leftie I am supposed to be against Royalty but I’m sorry I can’t do that. I have a lot of respect for them and that will continue. The BBC is well out of order and should be ashamed of themselves for this and also the tone of their article/interview with William today.

If you saw that you will have heard them directly ask our future King William 5th what he thought of all the charges levelled against him and Kate that say he doesn’t work hard enough on our behalf. It seems to me that the only broadcast company saying this is THE BBC. As a license payer I have to say that I am utterly disgusted with them and think I shall be telling them, as much via Points of View as well as pointing their Twitter feed to this blog post. If I had the ability I would refuse to pay my license fee on principle. I think they are totally out of order and I hope that others like me, fervent supporters of Her majesty and Her family should follow my example and voice their disgust through all forms of communication open to us. If they cannot speak respectfully about them then perhaps they should not speak of them at all. I pay their wages, or a part thereof and I object to it being used in this manner. A disgrace from our nations “most loved” broadcaster.


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