£4,300 per household worse off? NO.

As a student of economics, albeit only at A level in the early 1990’s I know that GDP is NOT a measure of the wealth of households. It is the total of all money transactions across the country. So, to do as George Osborne has and try to make people think that they personally will suffer this reduction is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. It is clear that he is intent on scaring the pants of people.

If I could ask him a question on camera it would be this. Just months ago David Cameron and George told us that they wanted their deal for a reformed EU accepted or they would pull us out of the EU, so, why is it only now that they tell us how bad this would be for us? I’ll tell you why, because it is all absolute b*******.

85% of our nations wealth is created by small businesses, our famed entrepreneurial spirit and it is precisely because the EU is burying small businesses with red tape and regulation that means we simply MUST leave the EU. Left to their own devices these firms will create a boom in Britain the likes of which we have not seen before. The EU is geared towards trading with the multinationals rather than SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises). They will be the benefactors of the TTIP and CETA treaties not the small firms.

Osborne cannot even get his math right from one budget to the next yet here he is trying to tell us he KNOWS exact to the £ what things will be like in 2030. Erm, hello! George, you’re talking out of your backside as usual. I wouldn’t trust you to run a sweet shop much less our economy.

What we need is a strong government which puts our SME’s AHEAD of the multinationals at EVERY opportunity. Sure the big names employ thousands but they have crushed our high streets, stifled our small businesses and are, at the same time NOT PAYING THEIR TAXES! The self-employed pay their taxes and yet government refuses to act on big firms. WHY? Not because they are afraid of them leaving our shores but because they themselves are/will benefit from letting them make higher profits. Look for instance at Tony Blair, a great advocate for Europe. He is rewarded for all his hard work for the corporates by being paid a fortune for speaking tours and directorships. His reward for his support. But for us the ‘free’ market is anything but free the people are mere numbers in their profit calculations and are often crushed by it.

If the large chains vanished from our shores, like Starbucks and Costa for instance they would be replaced by tax paying British entrepreneurs setting up cafe’s and employing the same number of people, if not even more. Prices would be reduced as all this extra competition would push prices down. Currently they are controlling the market. They don’t pay their way and yet are benefiting from an economic term, economies of scale. This means that as firms get bigger their costs of operating go down disproportionately. They can buy in goods and services for less than their smaller competitors and so can sell their goods at a lower price, or, as is the reality, they can boost their profits and yet we as a nation are not seeing those profits turning into higher tax receipts because government and the EU are LETTING them get away with not paying taxes by giving them ways to legally avoid those taxes.

I can see that when we are free from the EU we will become a far more prosperous nation than we are now. Sure  the first few years will see some adjustments and maybe some short-term job losses but that is all they will be, short term. Very quickly our reinvigorated SME’s will be joined by a host of other entrepreneurs and we will be BETTER OFF.

Once free of the EU we can re-write our tax law, making it ultra simple, if you sell something from the UK you pay UK taxes on theat sale. Make ALL firms pay that tax and then let government decide on whether a specific firm should get any taxes back, but we make them all pay automatically at the time of the sale rather than letting them spirit the money away into the ether.

We will also be able to introduce an immigration system which scores potential immigrants from all around the globe based on what they have to offer our nation in terms of skills, assets and wealth. Making sure that economic migrants are not taking jobs that our own unemployed could be doing.

We have the potential to restore to Britain the thing the EU has taken from us, our greatness. We will no longer the UK, we will be the United Kingdom of GREAT Britain once again. The referendum is our opportunity to rebel against Federal Europe and reclaim our independence. Vote leave.


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