Corbyn’s stance on the EU.

Am i the only one who thinks that Corbyn’s words today on the EU have been forced upon him by the party spin doctors? How can such an opponent of the EU turn tail so quickly otherwise. This is just another reason for me to distrust Labour. If they can abandon their principles so easily then I feel justified in thinking that the shift to the left in recent months is not what it seems.

I must point out here that once I was a proud party member and even looked at standing for council and was selected to stand but I changed my mind due to health realism at the 11th hour. This was in 2010 and I am glad I did as it happens as it made quitting the party after Ed Miliband betrayed the students over tuition fees. If you wonder what I mean as you saw him supporting them I must draw your attention to the first 2 weeks of student protests when he openly and loudly condemned them, until he realised that the anti-EdM backlash was HUGE and changed his mind. Sadly Labour these days are not interested in standing up for principles, they are only interested in doing what they think is most popular, even when they are wrong. I cannot vote for a party like that and I certainly couldn’t give them membership money. I WANT a party that is HONEST and has PRINCIPLES. Labour are/have neither of these things nationally, and locally they are still living in the 1970’s, just attend any local party meeting round these parts and you’ll se what I mean.

Bottom line, Labour kissed my vote goodbye, and Corbyn has just put the final nail in the coffin lid over his credentials as the new party leader, I had such high hopes for him. Mind you I had similar high hopes for Barack Obama when he won the Presidential race in the US, I shouldnt be surprised I guess.

I was in the Green Party from 2014 to the election, again almost standing but this time for Parliament. The Yorkshire Executive agreed in the October of 2014 to stand candidates in 100% of Yorkshire seats, thanks to a democratic vote at that regional meeting and I and several others began campaigning like crazy through social media telling the world this exciting news. Then, just 6 weeks before the 2015 General Election at a hugely attended pre-election regional meeting with hundreds present they announced they were standing candidates in 75% of seats. I, and many others, especially the internet campaigners like me were furious. After 6 months of saying one thing they made me look like a lying politician!  It perhaps then wont surprise you to know that I quit the party shortly after. A resignation that HQ ignored when it came to membership renewal in the September when they helped themselves to my membership fee, I only discovered this when checking through my statements. To cut the story short, and you’ll have to forgive me for digressing, I have decided that no party is worthy of my vote. I think I’ll be voting independent from here on in. Party politicians lie and their parties do as they please regardless the desires of the membership.

As regards the EU, I still say VOTE LEAVE. We are a democracy and our democracy should be governed entirely from Britain. Our grandparents, or great grandparents for many of you I guess fought the second world war to prevent Britain from becoming part of a Federal Europe overseen by Germany yet now this is exactly what we have been saddled with. In honour of all those who died fighting Hitlers Germany I say we have to vote live, otherwise why did we throw away all those lives? Those fallen would turn in their graves if they were still here. If you could go back and tell them what the future held they would have not bothered fighting at all I’m sure. And let’s be fair, we are only just starting  to pay the debt we got into with America for the ‘help’ they gave us, mercenary dogs, it was the only reason they helped us, because we paid them to! When that debt is paid off, however long it takes they will stop caring about the special relationship, but hell, I’m going off to something else again. As you can tell I am no lover of teh US. Wait to you hear what I blame them for, you’ll love it, watch for the post coming about the 2008 financial crash, you’ll love it, a fact filled rant.


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