Albert’s latest talent …

I put the washing machine on today, three loads as I like to build it up so its worth doing, alright, I admit it, when it comes to the washing I avoid it for as long as possible but I ran out of jeans :oP.

My Albert decided to sit adn watch it from the worktop, nothing unusual so far. When it finished though and the door clicked he came into the room and started shouting me, I thought he was out of milk or something so I went into the kitchen where he stood before the finished washers meowing at it. I thought it just coincidental but when the 2nd load finished he did it again, coming to tell me it was done, and again after the 3rd load, and when I turned it off again he curled up and went to sleep. It seems I have a washer monitor, now … if I can get him to keep an eye on the grill when I am cooking baking so that I don’t burn it! I love my puss I do!

He has also started nagging me if I dont start doing my evening meal by 5pm. He simply wont shut up until I eat and then, when he’s satisfied that I’m fed he goes to sleep again. I swear he is looking after ME rather than the other way around. Need to teach him to get his own meals for him and Alice!


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