Smoking: My choice.

@BBC Breakfast is telling us this morning that most people with mental health issues who smoke will die up to 10 years early.

I KNOW THIS! I enjoy smoking, its my only pleasure. I don’t drink, I dont use other drugs, except for prescription ones that is and I really enjoy smoking. I accept the risks of an early death. To be honest it would be a welcome relief. You try living in pain all day, every day. I hardly ever go out and don’t smoke in other people’s homes.

Its my choice. I started smoking when I was aged 7. I happen to enjoy smoking and did stop for 6 months several years ago but wasnt doing so for me, but I decided I wanted to smoke, I like it. I missed it. Its part of who I am.

I’m sick to death of hearing on TV how its bad for me. I know it is and NEWSFLASH: I don’t care. The idea that my life will be shorter as a direct result is quite comforting actually. This may sound crazy but consider living as I am, I’m screwed up big time and often I think that if I were your pet I would be put down for my own good because of my suffering.

So, to all the anti-smoking campaign groups I say simply this: F*** OFF! Its MY life.


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