Blogging: A release valve for stress

I have only just started blogging again after a very long break and have come to realise that just typing things out actually releases some of the stress that you have building up inside you. Just the act of sharing what you think on a given subject, even if it’s never read by anyone else, seems to make a difference to how you are feeling. I think that we should all be encouraged to blog, or to type into a word processor how you are feeling at the time of typing. You don’t even have to publish it if you choose to use the WP to do it but I think you will find that it can become quite therapeutic. Who knows, if you do it regularly you could soon find yourself with a book!

Give it a try, you’ll be surprised by the way it helps. Just be aware though that others will read it if you’re blogging and can even reply to your posts, sometimes these comments will not be positive ones. Dont get drawn into a lengthy argument with anyone commenting negatively, some people live to abuse others and the best way of dealing with these types is to block them from commenting in the future, Dont let them get to you. If you bite they will go after you all the more simply because they got a response. IF it’s especially nasty don’t be afraid to report it to the police, what they are doing is a crime, trolling. When they are arrested and prosecuted because of their actions they will learn that you will not tolerate being abused by them and will likely never darken your inbox ever again.


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