Albert & Alice, my cats.

My only company in life comes from my two furry companions, Albert and Alice. I got them from Cat Protection 18 months ago and they have changed from quiet and timid creatures into loving and talkative friends of mine. In fact Albert has become TOO talkative. He never shuts up when awake. I swear he is close to actually talking. His favourite word being OUT, which is wearing very thin as he and Alice have been grounded since last July when Alice was hit by a car and it cost my insurer £3k and me a further £500 to get her well again. Most days he spends going on and on shouting to go out and when I have got cross at him he stops asking me and starts shouting to John, an elderly friend who lives across the road. Albert remembers the day that John was too slow leaving the house and Al got out. Of course John cant hear him and wouldnt dream of it but I am sure Albert thinks he will come over and open the door for him again. It’d be funny if it wasnt driving me crazy!

Alice on the other hand is quiet. She is in charge and has always been the dominant one. She’s Alberts sister and boy is she bossy with him. When Alice wants to play Albert has little choice, she ambushes him frequently and recently he’s started hissing at her if he sees her getting too close. They are stil very loving most times but he has had enough of being jumped on and chased round the house. If you make the mistake of fussing Alice for more than a few minutes she gets silly and becomes VERY demanding. You are not allowed to stop stroking her and if you do she will go out of her way to make you start again, even resorting to a violent assault on your arm to get your attention back. She doesnt try to hurt you but makes it very clear that she could and if you dont fuss her now then she likely will. She’s a cute and furry bully in other words.

Albert is probably the most loving cat I have ever had though, he was badly treated when a kitten, as was Alice, being dragged about like a stuffed toy by the previous owners toddlers adn they were chased round the house by their dogs too. He was really very frightened when they first came to me but now he follows me round the house presumably just to be near me. He fusses me often, kissing me frequently and wants nothing more than to be curled up asleep on my knee. He also wants to help with everything, making cuppa’s he fusses each ingredient as I put them in. He helps fill the kettle, by standing in the way of the tap, my loo sometimes forgets to stop filling up and I have to take the cistern lid off and tamper with it. Albert thinks he is a plumber, when I am doing this he will stand on the closed lid and paw at teh cistern box, and fuss it furiously until I get it to stop filling up. He is I’m sure convinced that its his fussing that has made it stop filling up. As a result he comes to the loo with me nearly every time to “help”. I could go on for hours about him and how clever he is, but you have the idea so I wont boar you further.


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