Vote LEAVE in the EU referendum because …

You might not have heard about them but there are two trade deals that are going through the European parliament processes at the moment. These are TTIP and CETA. TTIP is between the EU and the United States and CETA is the Canadian equivalent. Both of these deals are in effect the handing of democratic power to the corporate world in both nations and we should be having nothing to do with either but for so long as we are within the EU we WILL be forced to honour the terms.

What’s the problem with them? You may well ask. Within these treaties are terms which mean that if government introduces any legislation that affects corporate profits adversely then the companies will be able to sue the government responsible. Examples that would qualify would be things like increasing minimum wages, or corporate taxes. Imposition of tariffs or withdrawal of subsidies. The list goes on. In effect we are surrendering our democratic freedom to the same corporates who are at this very moment screwing us through tax avoidance and evasion. To be forced to be part of these deals will be the end of our freedoms. Although to be honest I doubt that we actually have ANY freedom, we are seen as cogs in the profit machines and nothing more.

I for one have no desire to be part of the EU, I studied economics and have no doubt that it is in our best interests to get out while we can. Look at the current situation regarding our steel industry, we are not allowed to help save them because of EU rules. Its OUR nation, not theirs, these are our jobs, our livelihoods, we simply have to say enough is enough, we MUST take back control from Brussels.



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