Coersive Control and Abuse

#BBCBreakfast talking about #coersivecontrol being a #criminal offence now. It’s really hit home even after 7 years out of that #relationship. My #marriage was an #abusive one according to the pain clinics #psychologist who I saw in 2006 and things really deteriorated when I tried to address things. She had dragged us into serious financial […]

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Coincidence? You decide ..

The other day here in the UK I watched an advertisement on TV for #SaveTheChildren, begging us to give money to help the poor starving children. As always I got annoyed at yet another charity begging money from the poor to help the even poorer and I couldn’t help myself. I wrote to Save The […]

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MY deal, No deal or NO BREXIT!

OMG!!! There can be no other way of addressing this than pure undiluted fury. #TheresaMay, our #PM dares to threaten our #democratic result saying that we either accept her #deal, or its #nodeal .. OR ITS #NOBREXIT. How dare she? She has absolutely no right, nor mandate to dismiss our democratic decision in this way. […]

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