Brexit and Re-moaners

I wont say in too much detail how sick I am of hearing how we should be allowed another vote on #Brexit. Get it in your heads re-moaners WE HAD ONE and YOU LOST IT! It is actually the #Conservatives fault for giving us the vote in the first place but as I have said […]

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Dating and disability.

This post contains adult subject matter and is therefore not suitable for those under 18. Please don’t read on if you are under 18. NOTE however there are no pictures in it just text. Having #Marfan Syndrome, a hereditary genetic condition I have many issues to deal with. The immediately obvious ones are a) my […]

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Mis-managing the country

The Conservative government have caused the crippling of our NHS. They have taken it, in its worsening state and have made it ten times worse off while also costing the tax payer more money for less! How? Here is how. The cap on immigration that they seek to enforce means that the NHS is really […]

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British society is sick!

Really sorry if the following offends you but it needs saying. The last 7 years I have seen an increasing number of young adults, up to those in their late 30’s are playing a #game, a very sick game in my view, one which I think helps explain why child abuse is such a scourge […]

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